If you are a retail or wholesale business and interested in exploring online purchasing/payment solutions, taking payments over the phone, or have an existing online purchasing/payment solution and would like to review its functionality, we are here to assist. No matter the size of your business, we can help to find the right solution for your business needs.

Vitual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal solution is ideal for businesses that take orders and payments over the phone or through email.

A virtual terminal solution is best suited for one person or multi-person payment processing environments.

A virtual terminal solution provides flexibility and customization along with reporting tools and additional applications for your payment processing needs.

Hosted Payment Page

Hosted Checkout Payment Page

The Hosted Checkout payment option allows the merchant to redirect the customer within the business website to a check-out payment page.

We support many third-party shopping carts and software.

Payment processing via a hosted checkout payment page utilizes encrypted servers from the beginning to the end of the transaction process for a high level of security.

The Hosted Checkout payment page allows for flexibility in overall page and shopping cart design to suit your business brand.

Batch/Subscription Payment Processing

Batch/Recurring Payment Processing

This solution is best suited for businesses requiring weekly or monthly batch processing (goods/services billed on a pre-arranged schedule).

CSV (comma-separated value) files containing customer information can be uploaded for ease of processing. Robust reporting tools available for tracking purposes.

Batch/recurring billing payment processing solutions will greatly increase business efficiency.


If your business requires a higher level of security, tokenization may be the solution you are looking for.

By converting credit card data to a token (an encrypted value), you provide a more secure environment for your business and customer transactions.

Tokenization can be one time or multi-use dependant on your business model.

Payment Gateway API

Payment Gateway Application Program Interface (API)

By using our API (application programming interface), your web developer can build a payment page and shopping cart within your website to integrate your payment process.

Unlike a hosted payment page, with a payment gateway your customer will not be redirected to a payment page. The payment page is instead seamlessly integrated within your business website providing a better customer experience upon check-out.

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Dynamic Currency Conversion

Stand out amongst your competitors!

Offer your international clients the opportunity to pay either in the currency where they reside or in Canadian Dollars.

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